The Consumer and retail sector is competitive and fast-paced and you need a logistics provider who

can deliver the right solutions and add value to your supply chain strategy.

We Are Retail Specialists


With a century of experience in consumer retail sub-sector and over 150 logistics contracts in 25 countries, we are consumer retail specialists.

we cover the entire spectrum of consumer and retail and our areas of expertise support our customers' who grace the

worlds of fashion sport & footwear, cosmetics & personal care, luxury goods, publishing, home equipment and furnishings, household products, technology and

Commerce marketplaces.

Eight of the world's top ten retailers place their faith in us because our teams of specialists can deliver the solutions, value-added logistics services and support required.

We offer sub-sector-specific services including:


3 reasons why CHIQUITA logistics is the best choice


We are a global player across the Consumer & Retail sector.



Eight of the world's top ten retailers trust us to manage their strategic supply chains.



Eight out of ten of theworlds leading home andpersonal care companiesrely on CHIQUITA for theirlogistics operations.


We offer end-to-end solutions adapted to meet the specific needs of each sub-sector of the Consumer & Retail market.