CHIQUITA Logistics

Unrivalled End to End Supply Chain Services and Solutions


CHIQUITA Logistics


CHIQUITA Logistics is a world leader in shipping and logistics and together we provide unrivalled end to end supply chain services and solutions.

CHIQUITA's Solution


CHIQUITA focuses on seamlessly designing end-to-end customized solutions to meet the complex and rapidly evolving supply chain needs of your industry or industry. Through our lean culture and operational excellence, we meet the requirements for operational efficiency and flexibility in a rapidly changing world to ensure that there is no one in your supply chain.

Satisfy Your Needs


We are able to organize operations according to customers' KPIs and have extensive industry experience, which helps us focus on your specific logistics needs and provide value-added services.

C U S T O M I Z E D   F O R   Y O U


Our global warehousing and distribution network provides integrated,

single-source solutions to manufacturers, distributors and retailers in a variety of industries.